Our Menu is very comprehensive with a wide variety of many different kinds of food, both traditional Greek and European Cuisine and is far too large to detail here. We have tried to wet your appetite with just a tittilator of some of the categories that we offer.

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Grilled Lamb chops with mint sauce

Big plate filled with lamb chops, salad, tzatziki and fried potatoes


Original Lamb ‘Kleftiko’

Lamb cooked in the oven in foil with tomato, onion, cheese , herbs ,

Garlic and olive oil. Served with fried potatoes and tzatziki.

Home made taramosalata

Grilled fresh fish (SEA BREAM)


Μικρή χωριάτικη σαλάτα.
Σουβλάκι με πίττα (χοιρινό η κοτόπουλο)

Grilled Asparagus with a Cherry tomato and Feta Salsa topped with

Shaved Parmesan.

Warm salad of Chorizo Sausage, New Potatoes, Garlic and Spring onion.

Prawns in rose Garlic sause and Cherry tomato

Seasonal vegetables with croutons, fresh mushrooms and Balsamic

Crab meat with Seasonal vegetables, lemon and Cocktail sauce

Slices of Mozzarella with fresh tomato, Basil, oregano and olive oil

Swordfish with Caper in Lemon cream sauce

Slices of Chicken in Reggiano Parmesan cream sauce

Braised Beef with Baby onions (STIFADO)

Sea Food Platter of Maria’s - for two Persons

(King Prawns, Grilled Octopus, Fried Squid , Small Fish , Mussels and Swordfish)

Hot Chocolate Pudding with a Hot Chocolate sauce

Strawberries Crème Brulee

Greek Pastry with nuts and Honey (BACLAVA)

Home made Cherry Preserve

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