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Taste the culinary delights of Maria’s Restaurant.
Fresh ingredients and the best quality in all aspects of
food helps keep us in the forefront of the main
restaurants of Tolo
We combine simplicity and luxery of our food together with a wonderful view of Tolo Bay and we invite you to take part in
the rich variety of food and wine for your enjoyment.
Our menu is extensive both covering Greek and European
cuisine with delicious appetizers, fresh salads (made to order),
succulent meats, and fresh seafood which all meets the imagi-
nation and expectation of our customes.
The restaurant was established in 1984 by Vassilis and Maria Talagani with their combined knowledge of traditional Greek and European cuisine and it is still being carried on today by their daughters Nicol & Jenny. Come and experience for your-
selves as the passion and love of cooking has never stopped here at Maria’s.